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Full text of "2019 Emails From Calabasas Regarding Homelessness"

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RE: Male transient spotted 8/5/19 

Subject: RE: Male transient spotted 8/5/19 

From: Michael McConville <> 

Date: 8/5/19, 1:45 PM 

To: Sparky Cohen <> 

CC: Alicia Weintraub <> 

Thanks Sparky. 

Have you reached out to Deputy Sheklow regarding when he was going to check back in with the 
individual? He informed the Deputies that he was leaving in two days, correct? 



From: Sparky Cohen <> 

Sent: Monday, August 5, 2019 12:25 PM 

To: Michael McConville <> 

Cc: Alicia Weintraub <> 

Subject: FW: Male transient spotted 8/5/19 

Hi Michael, 

Scroll down and look at the ring Video. 

I was standing on Mulholland helping Bill Miller post signs and we both saw him as well. 
We were across the street from Declaration by his fence line. Saw the guy walking down 
Mulholland on the other side of the road. I said aCoehey Bill, see that guy, I think that is 
the homeless guy camping on your land.aC Sure enough, he walked about to the end of 
the football field, crossed Mulholland and ducked into the property. 

Sparky Cohen, CBO 
Building Official 
City of Calabasas 

Building and Safety - Code Enforcement 
100 Civic Center Way 
Calabasas, CA 91302 

From: Alicia Weintraub 

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11/14/19, 1:05 PM 

RE: Male transient spotted 8/5/19 

Sent: Monday, August 5, 2019 12:02 PM 

To: Sparky Cohen < > 

Subject: Fwd: Male transient spotted 8/5/19 


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Begin forwarded message: 

From: Marissa Feinsteina < > 

Date: August 5, 2019 at 11:57:20 AM PDT 

To: Michael McConville < > 

Cc: . 

Subject: Male transient spotted 8/5/19 

Good morning Michael: 

Attached is video from my Ring video system capturing the male transient I have been 
seeing in our community. My video recorded him today at approximately 11:47 am. My 
home -you may recall -is at the corner of Declaration Avenue and Mulholland Highway. 
The video shows him walking from the direction of the residential streets toward the 
highway and passing my driveway. His route through residential streets is a€oenewa€. He 
is usually seen walking along the highway. 

Marissa Feinstein 

Public Safety Commission 

Mulwood Neighborhood Watch Coordinator 


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11/14/19, 1:05 PM